The Timbre's List of Best Podcasts for September 28 - October 4

We were very honored to be included in The Timbre's best podcasts list for September 28 - October 4 where they wrote a review of our "I Want My MTV" episode: 

Two months ago, Between the Liner Notes made the transition from interview-style podcast to documentary, and if “I Want My MTV” is the result of that move, it was unquestionably worth the change of direction. The episode is 52-minutes long and unputdownable. There’s something magical about finding this month’s BLTN and wanting to disappear into your headphones for an hour of audio on the birth of MTV. In retrospect, music television was a homerun, a no-brainer to hook teenage coach surfers desperate for music on their cable box. Yet, at the time, MTV was considered a long shot. Everything the network did before launch was a gamble, too. From the gigantic M logo, to trying to woo an uninitiated public towards video, to a desperate appeal to Mick Jagger for a much-needed celebrity endorsement, nothing about MTV was certain, despite its later dominance of the 1980s. “I Want My MTV” is a brilliant way to discover early-era MTV. It’s also an open and shut case for radio documentary.

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