episode 7: Liv Buli – Data Journalist for Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound has been culling terabytes of data from the internet since 2009, tracking every view, stream, “like”, and “follow” a musician receives. In an effort to reveal the narrative hidden within this data, Next Big Sound teamed up with Liv Buli — making her the world’s first musicdata journalist.

Listen to episode seven of Between the Liner Notes as Liv explains the process of using data as the basis for reporting, and how the newly-popular concept of Big Data will shape the future of journalism, the music business, and the world. She discusses topics ranging from her accurate prediction of the winner in the Best New Artist category at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards — to the social media ramifications of Miley Cyrus’ new hairstyle. Hear the complete interview exclusively on Between the Liner Notes.