A Brand New Podcast

Dear Between the Liner Notes Listeners,

Thank you for your patience while you waited for me to release new episodes. I've given it a lot of thought. I loved making Between the Liner Notes, but instead of creating new episodes, I'd like to launch a brand new show. Although there will be episodes about music, the main focus will not be music. Actually, two BTLN episodes I'm really proud of lead me to this decision: 3,000 Beatniks Riot in Village & The Execution of Joe Hill. Both episodes were about censorship, and I enjoyed making them so much, that I've decided to create an entire series about censorship called Bleeped. Check out the promo:

Bleeped is a documentary-style podcast about censorship and the people who stand up to it. Each episode tells the story of someone whose freedom of expression was challenged and examines what the things we try to censor reveal about our culture. To find out more about the show and when the first episode is dropping, visit Bleeped.org and sign up for our newsletter.

Thanks so much,

Matthew Billy